Q. If I want a used car, how does AutoWise® find it, and how do you assure its quality?


A: The primary source for clean, low-mileage, late-model used cars is the major lease-return auctions throughout the country, which act as clearing houses for the manufacturer’s leasing companies. We work with trusted, experienced independent wholesale dealers to thoroughly inspect and identify one-owner/driver vehicles with a clean CARFAX history and a balance of factory warranty. Prior to an auction, AutoWise® furnishes you with detailed information for all cars they are pursuing on your behalf. The entire process is designed to acquire the best possible vehicle based on the client’s criteria, get the best price, eliminate surprises and provide peace of mind. All used cars are delivered in excellent condition, serviced and ready to drive and enjoy.

Q. What is AutoWise®?


A: AutoWise® is a personal auto buying service for people who don’t have the time or desire to take on the car-buying process themselves. Most of our customers have purchased cars on their own in the past and, for various reasons, ultimately decided they would rather delegate the task to a professional who knows the ropes and has an excellent track record.

Questions about AutoWise®


Q. What specific services does AutoWise® provide?


A: AutoWise® handles every aspect of the car-buying process. We research the car you’re interested in for features, accessories, color, reliability and more. We locate your vehicle and contact the dealership. We negotiate the best possible purchase or lease agreement, typically saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. We can arrange for convenient delivery at an area franchised dealership or when available at your home, workplace or local credit union. If you have a trade-in, we’ll negotiate that as well to get you the most value for it. Simply describe the car, truck, SUV or Crossover you’d like and AutoWise® will do the rest.

Q. How is AutoWise® different from other auto buying services?


A: Many car-buying services are actually dealer-paid referral programs in disguise. Typically they direct you to a dealership for a pre-arranged “preferred price.” But AutoWise® is a genuine consumer agent-advocate working on behalf of our clients to save them time and money. We don’t represent or work for the dealerships – we represent and work for you.


Q. Do I pay a fee for the AutoWise® service?


A: Yes. Because we work for you and not the dealership, we charge a modest flat fee for our time and effort. But it is more than offset by the savings you enjoy in time, stress and the price we negotiate for your vehicle. Our fee is quoted upfront during our initial consultation and is paid through PayPal. AutoWise® also offers fee discounts to members of participating credit unions and all active-duty military personnel and their immediate families with valid ID.


Q. How exactly does AutoWise® save me money?


A: AutoWise® gets you a discounted price by going straight to the dealership’s Sales Manager and bypassing the sales staff, which brings the price closer and in many cases below the dealer’s price from the manufacturer. Based on our knowledge and skill, we also obtain the best possible trade-in allowance (if applicable). In addition, we shop for the lowest auto loan rate or the best lease terms. If you desire dealer-installed accessories, we’ll negotiate the price for those as well and make sure they’re itemized in the service agreement.


Q. How does the AutoWise® service work?


A: During our initial consultation with you, we’ll capture all the details – including a specific description of your desired vehicle and target price. Then AutoWise® will send you an invoice through PayPal for a retainer towards our fee. Once that’s taken care of, we’ll get to work researching, locating and negotiating for your car.After we find the car and negotiate terms with the dealership, we’ll send you a detailed service agreement describing the vehicle, options, color, itemized pricing, and the finance or lease arrangements. A copy of the dealership’s purchase agreement is also provided to you prior to delivery. The balance of our fee is due upon delivery. Your AutoWise® agent remains in contact with you by phone and e-mail throughout the process.


Q. How long does it take for AutoWise® to deliver my car?


A: The length of time, whether buying or leasing, depends entirely on the availability of your car. If one is readily available at a dealership in your area, delivery can be as quick as 48 hours – even quicker. If a car has to be dealer-traded to a dealership in your area, delivery could take a few days to a week. If a car is ordered from the manufacturer through a dealership, the timeline is usually 6-8 weeks. For a specific used car, we ask our clients to allow 2-4 weeks on average for delivery. In all cases, we’ll inform you upfront what the likely timeline for your particular vehicle will be.


Q. What other services and support does AutoWise® provide during the buying process and beyond?


A: We typically contact your auto insurance company or local insurance agent to obtain an insurance ID card for vehicle registration. If you’re financing your purchase, we’ll provide your financial institution with an insurance binder and the dealership’s purchase agreement to help expedite the loan closing.


After delivery, AutoWise® acts as an expert resource with recommendations for all things auto-related – tires, service work, after-market upgrades, etc. We also can help you plan for your next new car with information and suggestions about the best new vehicles coming to market.


Q. How long has AutoWise® been in business?


A: We’ve been serving busy car-buying consumers with our unique combination of industry experience, vehicle knowledge, customer service, and attention to detail for more than 28 years. Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y. and Corona, C.A., with a nationwide reach, we have facilitated thousands of vehicle transactions, saving clients millions of dollars. More and more people are finding value in working with a professional car-buying service, and AutoWise® continues to grow. We can offer you the experience and expertise to save precious time and money, and deliver the satisfying car-buying experience you desire.


Q. How do I start the process with AutoWise®?


A:  Contact AutoWise® by phone at 1-800-836-0829 (toll free) or (585) 383-1091, by e-mail at info@autowiseusa.com, or complete our Contact Form.