AutoWise® was formed in 1988 in Rochester, N.Y., to offer the busy consumer a personalized approach to car buying and leasing.  Founder, Frank Pagano, who has nurtured a lifelong passion for all things auto related, conducted an extensive survey in Upstate New York to find out if people would hire an “agent-advocate” to acquire their vehicles.


The results were surprising: More than 70% of the respondents to the survey enthusiastically said they would welcome a service that eliminated the uncertainty, drudgery and stress of car shopping – if it also would save them time and money. That was all the encouragement Frank needed to pursue his idea for helping people buy or lease their next vehicle.


Frank began marketing his auto buying and leasing service through the local automobile club and employee benefit departments of area corporations. The business flourished thanks to his strong commitment to customer focus, honesty and a seamless process – which includes concierge delivery to his clients’ home or office.  More than 31 years later, AutoWise® has saved thousands of car buyers across the country millions of dollars on their purchases and leases, while bringing them peace of mind.


The Bottom Line:  AutoWise® Represents You!

Many car-buying services are actually dealer-paid referral programs in disguise.  They direct consumers to a specific dealership for a pre-arranged “preferred price.”  But AutoWise® is a genuine consumer agent-advocate that represents and works on behalf of its clients to save them time and money. Today, with its extensive market experience and volume buying power, AutoWise® is one of the nation’s leading agent-advocate car-buying services with satisfied, repeat customers from coast to coast.

About AutoWise®